I can’t find a story I switched from android to iOS

I’ve been trying to find this story since I switched from android to IOS I lost everything and I’ve been reading episodes for about 3-4 years I had so many saved and so many that I’ve read and re-read. If you could help me find this one I would be sooo happy so here’s what I remember. You customize the female MC I don’t remember her name but she has a son who I think is 4 and his name is Axel. She is an interior designer and her ex has a new girlfriend who I think has orange hair and is kinda phsyco and he doesn’t even really like her. The female MC is single and she has a girl best friend and a gay guy best friend. Female MC meets the love interest named Warrick he hires her as his own interior designer and he brings her to all his other houses so she can decorate them and she can bring Axel with her. Warrick loves his houses to be black and they don’t start dating for a while so Axel is happy. Axel and Warrick get a long great and he calls him Axeman. I’m pretty sure the Female MC asks Warrick out. I don’t remember much more other than they all had a huge pajama party at Warricks in his home movie theater. If you guys remember the authors name or the title please let me know I really want to read this and it’s hard to find it when you start all over and have no favorites saved anymore. I love you guys thank you!! :sparkles:

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