I can’t find story

Hey there, I need some help finding a story. I’m reading it right now, there wasn’t that many chapters but then today (25th Nov.) it is gone.

It’s about this girl, I honestly don’t remember her name - I have a bad memory - and she’s an angel. Angels are not allowed to feel anything and doesn’t understand emotion.

She is then sent to earth to a supernatural school where a several thousand-year-old demon is, (alaric or something like that) and she has to spy on him because he’s a “threat”. The demon has a girl-friend who is actually an angel but fell in love so she’s been om the run for 20 years.

And throughout the story several murders happens and it turns out it’s actually angels killing them. (And when MC touches the bodies she can fell all the horror herself)

Oh and also angels aren’t supposed to feel anything but she and the demon keep getting pulled to eachother and the demon even kisses her in the forest.

I know it’s a long message but I really hope you can help me:) I don’t know where it’s gone…

I found it already haha - It’s ‘Falling From Grace’

Hi! did you find it after all? Could you attach me the link?

Unfortunately the story has been removed, I don’t know why, but that was why I couldn’t find it:(

@nina4740 @i.z.z.i.e.e.e I never read this story but I found this discussion thread… Might help u to know the reason :blush::heartbeat:


aw okay

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Oh thank you!

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Falling from grace was banned don’t know the full reason as she deleted her Insta once the truth come out about her being another author who was once banned.