I can’t finish writing a story :(

I have at least 15 different stories in my stories list on the portal, all of which I’ve slightly worked on, created characters for, and made outfits.
I get super inspired and put all this energy into starting a story the first day. Then I don’t touch it.

I love writing and I think episode is such a great outlet for that. I know how to code well and I don’t have issues with the portal itself.

But Jesus, I CANNOT finish a story and work on it regularly. Writers block is a thing but it’s like I’m in a constant state of it. I want to write so bad but I can’t commit myself.

I keep coming up with new story ideas and creating them and then abandoning them…

Is it like this for anyone else?
Do any of you have advice or encouraging words about this?


When I published my story “Everything we believed” I started writing this during really late at night. Which really helped me push through the story ig


Start with an outline of your idea, doesn’t have to be complicated or include every detail just write three things - how does it start, what happens in the middle, how does it end. Then build off that. Basically you have to make yourself a map, you don’t have to stick to it but if you get stuck you’ll have given yourself somewhere to go.


So for starters, I would like to say Hey there, twin :wave: I have this exact problem and I need help as well, like what’s going on with my brain, I’ve tried 7 different methods and nothing.


I do this same thing, I haven’t been able to conquer it yet


Ah, I felt this :sweat_smile:
My advice is to try to create a short story. Aim to write a story that you can resolve within 3-5 episodes. When the goal seems smaller like that, it’s easier for you to achieve. And then in future, if you’re ever at this point again, you’ll always have that one completed story on your profile to remind you that you can do it


plan the entire story before you write the story

also it often is hard to write and fokus on I need to write the entire story. in stead sit down and say this day I will write a scene. that i your goal for evry day write one scene. sometimes you need more then a day because some scenes are long or have a lot of directing

a good video on how to plan your story(this is not how I do though

and here is of what not to do

Holy hell! Yes! That’s too accurate. Honestly, when I’m writing a story and then come up with a new idea, I’ll leave that one behind and start a new one. It’s not easy to commit to a story because I get so many ideas, but they’re not always under the same “theme” so my thoughts scatter.
Quite frankly, the best thing for me is when I write incredibly short stories. Maybe five episodes at the max. This way, I can get my ideas in for that story, and if I get new ideas, I can (hopefully) move on to another story quicker so that I don’t neglect other stories.
I would consider myself a messy but effective person, so this has mostly worked for me. What I plan to do is try and build up the amount of episodes.
For me, I’ve published twoish stories but I get discouraged to finish them because I’ve looked over them so many times to the point I pick out all the flaws.
I think it really comes down to mentality. Staying positive and proud of your work is what keeps you going. I’ve also noticed that if I take the same to do genuine research about a plot, I don’t want to abandon it since that would mean I wasted my time. Or if a plot personally resonates with me, I feel the obligation to try and finish it. It’s hard to not burn yourself out, and I’m not fantastic at managing my time. Story contests are good because they give me a set time that I need the story to be completed by. So maybe you can set a specific date to finish? Or specific dates for completing parts of the story?
Sorry if this wasn’t useful :sweat_smile:


I am the exact same omg. I’ve wrote the first episode of about 12 different stories and spent 2 days on each trying to perfect it and then i start a new story and completely forget about the rest. I’m now trying this new story idea which is just a fun parody and so far it’s going good but i’m writing at night instead of in the day which helps me better.


It’s not a bad thing I guess, you probably just have really good ideas :joy:

I feel like having an outline of your story may help? And basically have a good plot in your head because sometimes I guess if your story is really good, you can’t help but finish writing it (maybe it’s just me idk :sweat_smile:)


Oh, thank god. I thought I was the only one :sweat_smile:

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This was seriously me a year ago. I just got tired of coding hehe…


omg that it totally me


Omg you just described me perfectly! I have like 25 with different plots and I’ve started them all a little bit, but I don’t really like most of them that much and they just don’t excite me anymore. Creating new stories really gets me excited to write, but it quickly passes. I plan my stories out a lot, but I get bored of them really quickly. I need whatever answers you get too!


I feel exposed I think you described me :joy:


my sister has the same issue with stories has great ideas creates the characters and the plot but can’t get past the first episode even though she has planned like the next 5



Update: I didn’t lol…


GO FOR IT! You can do it


I was exactly like this lol…still am to be honest :pensive:
Here’s my advice and what I did :wink::

  • Write a summary for your story.
  • Then try to get more in-depth with that summary. Ask yourself how did this happen to the MC? What’s their backstory? What’s their personality, occupation, living condition, location? Do I want them to have a love interest? Is their multiple endings?
  • Keep going until you can plot what’s happening EPISODE BY EPISODE. Yes, each episode.
  • DON’T CODE ANYTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE EVERYTHING OUTLINED. If you start a story without a plan there’s a greater chance of walking away from it.
  • Create a folder in your documents with your story’s title.
  • Add any backgrounds, splashes, covers or overlays you might need while going over your outline and remember to write the name of the creator on it so you can give credit later.
  • Now, you can begin either creating characters or coding your story.

I’ve used this method and I’ve written out 1 short story! Of course, I haven’t actually finished coding it but it’s my first time completing a story so I’m super happy.


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