I can’t login on episode app

Can someone help me to login my account (gmail) on episode app, it always says that login error.


Are you sure you’re using the correct username and password?

If yes, you can always submit a help ticket

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Thank you so much😊

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It once happened to me, I had to contact the Episode support team

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Do they fixed it?

Thank you for your response, i badly needed :frowning:

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Yes! It works perfectly now

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I submitted a help ticket, hopefully they fix mine. Thank you for your help :grin:

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Thank you to all of you, i got my account fixed :slight_smile:

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Welcome sweetie :heart:

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I am in a situation and I need help I used to play on my ipad, episode. I was unable to login and password in the app so letters and numbers appeared as login and password. but i continued to play and read lots of stories but i wiped the ipad device and i can’t play on android. Now I have 4 passes in this email at most, I only had 2 emails. but I don’t have the stories and I want to be able to read stories. I read the majority that is on the homepage I don’t want to go back to the beginning please help me. I just signed up with this email on the forum. Thanks

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What did they do to fix it for you? I’m having issues with logging in too, and no troubleshooting is working. :pleading_face:


There’s nothing I can do I already read episode é stories from another like person here on forum :frowning: just have passes nothing else.

omg i really feel it right now, i never log in my account bcs it’s always ‘login error’ for over a years now. so frustrating

Hello! I am new on Episode! I had downloaded Episode App on my device with an older email some time ago , then deleted the app and now that I re-downloaded I tried to sign in with a new mail (the one I use in the writer’s portal) but it says that I’m already login on this device . However, the App didn’t ask me for details like username or to make my own Episode Avatar , as it usually does when you make an account.

Do you know if there is a solution to that?

Also, if I don’t have an account in the App, will I not be able to publish stories?