I can’t make a decision on what style to make my story


I can’t make a decision whether to use the Episode style, Ink or Limelight. I’ve thought about it a lot and weighed the pros and cons of each.
Pro: the clothes are AMAZING!! (Like this is very, very important for my story)
Pro: the girls look so detailed
Pro: there are more animations

Con: I hate the way guys look in limelight
Con: I feel like limelight stories aren’t taken as seriously, and my story covers VERY serious topics
Con: limelight generally does not have many sad stories, and as mentioned before, my story is meant to have many sad moments and would fit better in the Ink style.

Pro: the guys look soooooo much better, and this is also veryyyyy important.
Pro: It’s taken more seriously.
Pro: I’ve already pictured the characters of my story, and I can only picture them in Ink

Con: less animations
Con: I don’t like the clothes as much (important)
Con: I like the way girls are styles better on limelight, but I can live with it
Con: feels sort of outdated, but maybe no to everyone else.

The plot of my story is generally very serious and the mood changes quite al lot. It involves sexual and physical assault/harassment, rape, drugs, eating disorders, mental health, sex, body image, etc. Right now I’m sort of leaning towards Ink, however I’d like to get he opinion of other writers. So, what style should I use?


I like ink but choose your favorite stlye to read in


Honestly I hate how guys look in limelight! I am making a story in limelight and I regret it. It does not have so many variations in clothes either.


I personally use ink, but it’s not up to us to decide your story. But a great compromise is to do what many authors did, make a story with INK but also make the same story in Limelight or just make two different stories with serious topics.


And then chose which one you personally like more and then publish it.


Yeah! Personally I prefer Ink though!


Thank you all, and I’m definitely taking all of you guys wonderful suggestions. I’m going to make main characters then test it, but I think am also leaning towards Ink right now


But I wonder, what would you guys be more likely to read? Ink or limelight?


I read both, it just has to be interesting, I don’t mind reading limelight nor INK


I would use ink but both are work either way


limelight! you could be one of the first to make a sad ll story! it also looks better and we can help customize the guys!