I can’t make my character come in (enter) again, please help

So I made my character run out the screen but I can’t seem to make her come in running again… to a specific spot… (line 78) also how would I write in the script when I have to put in (seconds, zone, & layer)?

You can’t have a character walk to a layer. You’ll have to add in @CHARACTER moves to layer # instead of the at layer.


Alright, thank you & I’m struggling with layering the characters/overlays like here I want them to be on the inside & the OVERLAY window to be behind them… (I have 2 overlays)

Yes, I have the fireflies as layer 1 & the window as layer 2

Oh! So if I have a total of 5 overlays would I have to layer the character to 6? Layering one number behind the overlay layering? (If that makes sence)

Awesome, thank you! :slight_smile:

Okay, i’m not sure if this is a glitch or if it’s what i wrote but I wrote down as said: & when she is running she goes behind the window but suddenly pops up ontop of the window??

I have it as “@ROSALINDA walks to spot 1.891 222 -316 in 0.4 AND ROSALINDA is run_athletic”

Ohhh, okay much better! Just a quistion what does adding the “&” mean I thought it was another way of “AND” to not make the lines longer…

“&” is used when you want a command to happen simultaneously while other commands are happening.

“@“ = the next command will not happen until the current command has finished
“&” = the next command will happen while the current command is happening.

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