I can’t open Episode

But did it open now?

Same, mine isn’t working and episode helps me calm my anxiety and I’m legit having a anxiety attack not being able to read any stories, and my iPad is charging and immmm sooo fusterated right now and mad.


apparently, my episode would open when connected to hotspot. have u tried that? i guess our wifi was the problem after all.

Yes! But none of the episode advices helped me. But 1 did help FIX my app!!

Did your app open now? I can tell you if it still didn’t work.

I see. That’s good. :slight_smile:

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Hey. Did you open your app now? Because I can open mine.

Well, I was able to open my app when I connected my phone to a different network. However, what I don’t understand is that why my app can’t open with our internet when it’s working fine, because I am able to stream on Netflix. Our wifi might be the problem but it’s not slow as well.

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That’s great!! I actually got the advice from a friend!

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Yas I’m glad that I am not suspended from Episode or anything. I just have to connect through somebody else’s wifi. May I know what advice your friend told you? :sweat_smile:

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She said that VPN might work.

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Ohh I see. Thank you so much. :blush:

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By the way, she DM me that this would work. image
Just download this app! It perfectly worked for me! :lemon:

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Nice! Thanks again! :blush:

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Open it using vpn, be careful tho they might get your personal information stored in your phone. I just turn the vpn on only when I’m using Episode.

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Thanks for the tip! :raspberry:

mines not working yet ahh:((

same :((

This is crazy :frowning: have you tried connecting to a different network?

i tried connecting to somebody’s hotspot and it worked fine, but when i got home to connect with my wifi, it will still say timed out. Try connecting to a hotspot. :sweat_smile: