I can’t restore my account

So urmm I’m pissed bc I started using a different google account on episode on a new phone and I started reading this story but my dad took my phone back and sold it idc but now my mom has bought me a iPhone 8+ and I just got episode and tried to log in and this happened

And I haven’t logged in with any other account just got the app 8 minutes ago tf


Damn, you should’ve kept the restore info.

I still have it

It’s just not working

Oh, that’s weird?

I have it too when I change my device from IOS to Android


How do you fix it

I sent a ticket, they replied and asked me somethings further but they haven’t replied yet :((

Can u give meh the link to submit ticket oof

just search for Pocket Gems, and do somethings bla bla to get to the support section, that it ^^

aye this happens when you go from android to iOS it happened to me too it sucks. Only way to restore now would be if you got another android :woman_shrugging:t4: