I can’t scroll down on my writers portal

Hi I can’t scroll down on my script

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Are you on a phone?

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I’m on my iPod touch because I can’t get on my laptop

It doesn’t work on mobile devices. It’s annoying, but it just doesn’t work.

Oh okay well it did work 5 hours ago but not now

It’s very glitchy. Writing on mobile is really only supported by going on mobile creations on the app.

I’m doing it on the writers portal on google chrome

I did submit a request but that’s going to take a while

This is what I mean

I made this suggestion for that same reason, because I write on mobile browser wrotee’ Portal and it annoys me I can’t scroll.

If you agree, support my suggestion with liking the first post :heart:

I did at least I’m not the only one with the problem because I’m on my iPod touch and I go to the google chrome and then go to the writers portal on there

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