I can’t see my characters on the mobile creator

Hi I can’t see my characters in my story on mobile creator

Try putting update script

These might be useful to you. :smiley:

Also, you should probably submit a help ticket to the support team. :wink:

Never mind it got fixed but next time I will look at them if it happens again

Sydney when I submit a ticket it also asked me for a url but I don’t know what it is actually didn’t ask me for a url

Could you explain this more clearly? :smiley:

Well when I went to submit a ticket last time it asked me for a url but I forgot that I can sign in so I didn’t need to use a url

Understood. :wink: Have you successfully submitted the ticket? :smiley:

Yeah and they sent me a email yesterday then they sent another email today and said this Hi,

Thanks for writing in. This is currently a known issue with Mobile Creator. I’ve gone ahead and passed the information you provided to our testers and developers to help them investigate this issue more thoroughly, which should be really helpful. We are really sorry for any confusion this has caused.

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Good. Just wait for them to get back to you. :smiley:

Ok I will because they working on fixing the problem

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