I can’t see my reads?


On my story, ‘The Queen of Freaks’, the number of reads have disappeared on the app when I click on the story! They’re there for my other two stories though.


I really like your story! It’s probably just a glitch, try reloading the app, but you currently have 150.5k reads.


Hello! I never saw the number of reads (for my stories) on the app. I thought it was normal? I can only check them on episode website.


Awesome! Thanks so much for your help! :slight_smile: I’m glad you like my story! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Usually you can! This is the difference between two of my stories


I’ve never been able to see it for my stories unless it’s glitching :woman_shrugging:.
Whenever I’ve been able to see it (like your second image, where you have the option to add it to favourites), it usually glitches when I click play, tells me the story doesn’t exist, reloads and then I can’t see the read count anymore :joy:

Edited to add: I just went in an had a look at all my stories. One was showing a read count. When I clicked on it, it took me to the reader’s version (This story was created by Elise C) and there were no debug elements. I exited the story (and was asked if I wanted to add the story to my favourites) and the read count doesn’t show anymore (and I can now go in and see the debug elements). I honestly thought it was normal not to see the reads but maybe some people can? I’ve personally never been able to.


Normally, you can’t see your reads normally on your own story in the create sections, expect the ocasional glitch or two. BUT, if you find your story in the search section, it should come up with the number of reads beside it. Suprisingly, you can even read your own story yourself!


If you’re on your own profile then you can’t see how many reads you have…


@Jeremy could you close this please?



Sure thing! Closed as per Op request :smiley: