I can’t share my story

hi! i have three episodes published of story. currently working on the fourth and needed an opinion from my friend. but the link won’t let her read it. once it’s published can she not read it?

Did u go to share the story??


U know where you published the story their is a link try copying and pasting that one…

that’s the one not working

Try pasting it here

That is weird it worked for me

can you see chapter four?


yeah, see i’m trying to have someone proof read my upcoming chapter but it’s not letting me

Oh idk then…

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You can only share your story when you publish it, with every new chapter there will be a new link, you cant unfortunetly have someone read it without publishing. I have no idea if this is the problem, because you didn’t clear up the problem enough for me to understand, hoping this helped :slight_smile:.

And I just noticed im clearly 2 months late…