I cannot play Glitch Girl past episode 3


It keeps repeating this…

Anyone else who has this problem?


I have this problem too. Maybe this is on purpose? Maybe the next 3 chapters aren’t ready yet? I don’t know, but I also can’t get past the first three episodes.


Well, they said there would be new chapters coming fast (until episode 12 if I am correct!)

Did you also read the first 3 episodes before the 4th till 6th were published?


No, I read them after the 4th till 6th were published. Maybe when there are 12 chapters, we get the possibility to get past the first three episodes.


Well, then it might be on purpose, but I still think it is weird…


Yeah, it’s definitely weird. But let’s wait, maybe they’ll fix this soon.


I’ve read the next chapters, maybe try replaying and it might let you then?


It’s happened to me too. I’ll try your advice, @SpiralKaleidoscope.


@SpiralKaleidoscope thank you so much! Your advice worked! It let me in to the fourth episode once I replayed it.