I cant add my own background

Hey! I’m trying to add a background on episode and its not letting me add it because it says its gotta be at least 640 pixels wide and 1136 pixels tall. I’m trying to add a bedroom background and I don’t wanna make it smaller or else it will look weird. I would like to be able pan using this background as well. But I cant pan if its only 640 pixels wide and 1136 pixels tall. Please someone help!

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You should be able to use it after resizing it on this website. https://resizepic.com/

Will i be able to pan when I add it to my story?


Okay thank you so much!!

No problem!

i just tried resizing it and this happens:

It narrowed itself, i just wanna have it splitted into 3 zones as a whole image, if that makes sense.

In a normal background its usually splitted into 3 zones, but here the whole image was narrowed.

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 7.46.54 pm
I wanna have only this quarter of the background showing at first, and then when i add it to my story I am able to pan through the rest of the background.

Try it :-

If it still not fits then I will again resize it and give it to you.

Yeah it still doesnt work :frowning:

its currently 564x333

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Wait but I’ve tried in my Account and it worked

And the picture I’ve sent you is

I did it and its not working, am I on the wrong thing or something? I am on the background art catalog

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Download the image again of the one I gave and maybe you’ve just choosen the wrong image so do it again

its not working :frowning: :frowning_face:

Try this one.

This is where I am suppposed to do it right?

that one aint working either