I can't add sound/music ! It doen't work! PLZ HELP ME OUT!


Hey there!
I have big problems adding music and sound!
Here’s a photo of my script…
You’d be a life saver to help me! Thanks!:kissing_heart:


You have a music off in your script.


I think you have to have something inbetween the music and the music off like dialogue.


You can try:
@CHARACTER changes into outfit
sound drum_roll
@CHARACTER enters …

It will only play once though


I think the goal is to add the music off after you finish the scene or finish the dialogue but you have the music off placed on the wrong line so try to wait until you are done saying everything you have said and have completed the scene before adding the music off.


Thank you all so much for your advices, I will try all of them! :slight_smile:


Put the “music off” after you have finished the scene :slight_smile: