I can't change my characters appearence!



I am trying to create a character for my story but when I try to change the hair, either nothing changes or it take quite a while to load. Can anyone help?


Did you save the changes? At the bottom of the screen it should be an option to save your changes.


I’m having the same problem, I can’t change the hair and skin colour on my main character, but I can on the others. I have pressed save changes on both options.


Are you on mobile or computer?


My whole character page wont load


I’m writing on my laptop, but previewing on the app.


Try previewing it on your computer.


I have the same problem. The entire page won’t load, and the preview won’t work either.




This is happening to me too right now! When I try to change my characters appearance or add something it wont show m nothing at all!


I had this issue a while back. Try using a different browser. This is what I had to do!