I can't choose a title (more like come up with a good one ugh)

Hmmm so I need a title for a fame/thriller (mostly thriller) story. @lulu3 @DaydreamiiE and @granolias know what I’m talking about :sweat_smile:

I thought of something like 15 minutes of ____ (but not fame obviously)
Or basically anything that has to do with fame/mental illness

I just can’t find a god damn title! Ugh Anyone got ideas?


Hi, what about “15 minutes of Reality”, with not knowing much about your story I can only guess if it’s to do with someone who is famous that struggles with a mental health issue, their fame is what people see but the reality is their mental health Illness? Apologies if I am way off course.


No that could actually be really good. And of course it’s harder since I haven’t said much about my story :sweat_smile: