I can't cut out characters for my covers or splashes 😭

I know this is pathetic but how can I cut out my characters? I tried for SO long to cut them out so I could make me own backgrounds and covers but I can’t and it’s frustrating. Every time I try to I end up not cutting out anything but the background and basically cutting the character out but not in the way I’m supposed to like the character disappears but the background stays with where I tried to cut the background. How am I supposed to do it? :sob::sob:

mine always have white line around,

I used a bunch of different online apps but they never worked for me so I don’t exactly remember the names…

Or Ibis X Paint

At the moment I’m using a tablet computer (a tablet but a computer at the same time if that makes sense…) and I don’t know I have tried that but I’ll see if I can

I’ll try that too and see which one works better thanks :blush: @ThatRandomPerson @episodegrace

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I can help if you already figured it out