I cant delete a character

Okay so I have this character and he was supper tall and his scaling was weird i asked for help on here and everyone said to just delete the character and make a copy of him. I went through all 5 chapeters and hes not in them but when I go to edit his character there is no delete botton. Someone please help me.


Really? If you go to the characters menu (not the outfits menu), there should be a button in the top right that says “Delete”

I’d suggest trying to ctrl f search the page just to be 100% certain he’s gone. I couldn’t think of any other reason, unless you have a bug of sorts?

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I tried that and hes not there. I pressed save on all chapters and refreshed and when I go to try to delete its not working. I dont know what to do.

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O_o maybe try sending a ticket? It sounds like your character is trying to haunt you :joy:


Is he wearing an outfit in the character tab that has been used in your scripts?

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I figured it out but thank you for all your help. I dont know how i missed it I think Im just loosing my mind.

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