I can't find a romance story

It is my first time using this platform do please bare with me, I am desperately seatching for the name of a story that I read about 1.5 years ago. So, the story goes like- there’s a red head popular but introvert girl who only has three friends. One girl whose name I don’t remember and Elijah a gay guy. I think the Mc’s name was emma. Both emma and elijah despise relationships. They don’t talk to anyone other than their group bit are good hearted people. Emma happens to have a younger brother whom she is the guardian of since her parents didn’t want children and despise both of them. They both are into boxing along with her love interest who is also a red head as far as I remember. Emma likes to sleep around once in a while and so does elijah and both their LIs. Elijah’s li’s name was lucas. He didn’t realise he liked men until he met elijah and was in denial for most of the time. It is a limelight story and name of the story was in two words, the last word being hearts. Please help me if you guys know what I’m talking about.

I replied on the other post you made.
It was
Inaccessible hearts. No longer on app.