I can't find a story

Hello community, i was reading this story and forgot to bookmark it. I do not remember the name but it was about twins competing for money.
You and your twin [that u can customize] enter in a reality show to win a million dollars. There are about ten other sets of twins. The buff twins the geeky twins the rich twins the strange twins to name a few. When you arrive your immediately separated from your twin one side of twins are on the red team and the rest on the blue team and put to do challenges to see whose more twinny.
I wanted to finish it and i’ve looked all over. I don’t know if it got deleted or discontinued or if i’m looking for the wrong names. Any help would be appriciated.

Twintuition, I think?

That sounds about right. But nothing showed up when i searched it. :confounded:

It is Twintuition but the author discontunied it, I think.

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