I cant find a writer. The name is sapphire

I cant find a writer. Her name is Sapphire. She has 2 stories. 1 is about a wolf and the other is mafia. She calles her readers devils and has about 53 episodes last time i saw her mafia story. I can remember the name of her story. It was in my profile on the episode app. Can anyone help figure out the name of her stories and maybe why i cant find her or her stories anywhere.


Story Name = ‘The Devil in Disguise’

Extra Character Info =
MC = Muriel Agersia (Amate)
LI = Alucard (Can’t remember his last name :sweat_smile:)

Why u can’t find it on the app? =

Idk, I can still access it & read but every one else seems to have lost it. I’ve heard it supposedly got removed from the app after it was reported by multiple readers due ‘Mafia Romantisization’. Episode has been removing masses of ‘Mafia Romance’ stories recently so I think that’s why it’s gone/going (:


her name on instagram is saphy_writes ! i believe the mafia story (the devil in disguise) was took down bc of the new guidelines. she also has a new instagram due to drama that’s been occurring , which is rs_writesepi


Hi yes I removed a story from my library and i was wondering if you could help me find it. Its about a rich girl that wants to go to a public school and she meets a guy that likes her a little but is using her for her dads money. The front of the story has a girl with platinum blond hair and white skinned. There is also a boy with short cropped black hair. I think its called the runaways or far from love or something with escape in it. i dont know but I added to my library, deleted it and now im going insane trying to find it again lol.

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okay i’ll try to find it, ill let you know

You guys can’t read the story because she has removed the story you will find it again when she released it

Episode deleted the story

Oh damn😭 thank you soo much though

Whats the new guidelines?

did it really get removed i have been looking for her story for a while, i was reading it before but then i lost …so sad it was such a good story

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Yeah it did due the guidelines. I think she broke them that’s the only way it can get removed and that’s also what I heard.

It was gone because she cheated episode she faked her age and enrolled in the payments program and created a Scandal with her friends for around $3000


man but her story was good she deserved too get payed

Yeah but the app can’t give this large amount to a 14 y/o kid without even a legal guardian monitoring. Her parents had no clue she had been writing here and had $3000 scam. While publishing your story you agree to episode’s t/c it has clearly written in it that if she caused any things like this she’d be banned following her story being deleted. It was all her fault why cheat a company and her own parents.


Hi (late reply :sweat_smile:)

But I have a question what do you mean she “cheated” didn’t she say she was like 20 somethin years old…

(“I am really confused, sorry :sweat_smile:)

She pretended to be :air_quotes: 20 years old :air_quotes:

But why would she do that…
(I am sorry again still confused)

But anyway I don’t think it matters any more since she is “no longer on episode”

(*It’s just not okay at ALL *)


But thank you :blush: for explaining


For money maybe, she became popular and unlocked payments then lied about her age so episode could pay her.

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