I cant find my book club

There was a part on the screen for the book club now i cant find it.tgere is nothing for book clubs on the game.is it gone? There is only home,search,offers but not book club.

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They made an announcement not long ago that book clubs should be disabled until the new version /new update is out, as they need to improve it.

  • Book Clubs will be disabled for any previous versions of Episode once the new update is available for everyone. Unfortunately, we need to disable the previous versions because we are making some backend improvements to Book Clubs that are not backwards compatible. If for some reason you are unable to update Episode, you will be able to access everything but Book Clubs.

I’m not sure if it’s out yet, if it is, maybe not for everyone or you should update your app? :thinking:


@Mi_writes is correct that if you’re not seeing Book Clubs in your app anymore than it is likely because you are not on the latest version of Episode. We did have to make some backend updates to the feature that render it incompatible with previous versions.


Thank u🥰

got it thank you​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:

I haven’t been able to get into my bookclub for a few weeks. I’ev logged out and in, ive uninstalled an reinstalled… when will this be fixed?

Can you see the title of your bookclub or anything? If not maybe the bookclub was deleted? Idk if that’s possible, and if it was idk if it would let you know it was deleted or not.

Do you get a loading screen when you’re trying to get into book club?

I have that problem since that update a few weeks ago, and still having the issue since mine updated to 24.22

When I sent a support ticket they let me know it’s a known issue that they’re working on, and I sent them a email in reply to my support ticket letting them know I still have the issue after the latest update… I tried all the trouble shooting stuff and no luck…

Hopefully they’ll fix the problem ASAP

Hey,did you manage to find a solution ?