I can't find my story in the app HELP PLEASE

I’m making a story and when I try to go to the create bar in the app to preview it it’s not there.
I’ve tried everything but it isn’t showing up…


Make sure that you are using the same account in the app from which you are writing your story otherwise it won’t show. I personally made the same mistake so I suggest you to check it.

And maybe you could send a support ticket to Episode, if nothing works.

Someone said that the story needs to have a certain amount of lines for it to show up in your create bar. Not sure how true it is.

try to make three episodes with at least 100 lines and see if that works, that’s what i have to do

If it has any script warnnings it will not show, and I think you need a minimum of 400 lines on 3 chapters to publish it. Hope you find a solution soon! :blob_hearts: :blob_sun: