I can't find my story on the app HELP PLEASE

So I’m making a story and when I try to find it in the app it’s not there

I saw a post saying it needed to have at least 3 episodes but that didn’t work either :confounded:


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There’s a certain number of lines each of your story’s episodes gotta have. If any of the episodes are under or over that limit, I’m afraid you won’t be able to publish

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Does each episode has at least 400 coded lines?
If not, it won’t work.
(If you can answer with “yes”, than we can try this next thing.)

Tell what the title is, and I’ll try to look for it.
Your author name too. :thinking:
And maybe a picture of the cover of you have one.


Does it have 3 chapters with 400 lines? And did you publish it?

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No I have not published it
I mean that when I go to the create thing with all my stories it’s not showing up

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Did you make your story today?
(Is it brand new?)
Then maybe you have to wait for a bit.

Or, you have to work on it a little more before it shows. (Not sure about that.)

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I made it yesterday or the day before that so yes it is pretty new

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That’s why

so what should I do to make it work?

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Hey I had the same issues, when I started making another story of mine! What you need to do is edit what the story is about, fill in those details then it should pop up

^^^ fill in those save and it should appear in: Create Stories!

Ok where should I click to fill that in?

Here. The area that is highlighted in pink!

Thanks, I tried but it still won’t work😖

Aw I’m sorry, give it a few days and it’ll show up!
In the meanwhile you can proofread or edit or double check your story!

Thank you so much​:pray:t3::pray:t3:

if you havent published you cant find it with the magnifiing glass on the app.
But if you go to your profile on the app and click create - your story should be there.

You need to add more script

Well that’s the thing It’s not under the create bar

i had the same thing, for me it was that i had backgrounds and overlays in the episodes that weren’t approved yet.

check if you are “logged in” in the app / it happens to mew time from time that the app logs me out and I have to log in again / maybe this is the reason?