I can't find the error and the script is saying there is

It’s saying there’s an error But I don’t know where the error is.

This happened when I added the gain Outfit 1


I think you have to put the { on line 73, next to the first choice, like on the following lines. Not sure but this is all I can suggest :slightly_smiling_face:

Uh, then I’m really not sure, sorry :grimacing:

The only issue I can think of is the space that’s there between the narration and the word choice. Try saving it without that space in the middle!

Gain names cannot have spaces in them, so I suggest putting an underscore between Outfit and 1

You should’ve put a {

right next to “Outfit 1”


choice “Outfit1”{


Actually scratch that, you already done that,

instead of:

“choice name”{


choice “Choice name”{


Moved to Directing Helps and Tips since it involves coding. :wink:

Maybe }“Outfit 2” { all on the same line? that’s how I write my code.

Did everything get solved?

Not yet

This helped, thank you!