I can't fix this [spoiler]annoying damn[/spoiler] zoom issue!

I am about to explode. I’ve never been so frustrated in my life.
I keep using the guide box while I do my zooms on the portal’s previewer, right?
Everything looks perfect.

Then, I go to preview on my phone (which never ever did this before) and the zoom is huge! What can I do to fix this because it is driving me crazy… I tried everything.

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have you tried clicking on Guidebox -> Zoom Fit on the mobile previewer?

no ;-; whats that?
I tried pressing it, but it does nothing

idk try myb not using guidebox

try using it on mobile previewer not the web one

the zoom fit changes the zoom of the mobile previewer, so I thought it could have been that

how do I make it work? I keep pressing it, and nothing happens ;-;

I don’t know :confounded:
mine has always worked, so I don’t know what to do when it doesn’t ):

But, are you previewing on a phone or a tablet?

the % you see under the preview window when the zoom is perfect are the same as you have in the script?

Also I am not sure what do you mean by using guidebox… the guide box is there to show what see tablet users it has not that much to do with zooms​:thinking::thinking::thinking:

yes they’re the same

phone ;-;

just to check can you pls show me the code… bit what you have above and under the zoom command?

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