I can't for the life of me

I can’t Pm you @ChayChay, because I am new and it will not let me.

You can just send them here if you want… lol

It does that sometimes…

I just want the edit of the girls holding hands as the chapter background.

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And you need 12 chapters?


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I will get someone working on it right away… they will send me the edits and than I will make the actual splashes that say Chapter 1 and so on

ok thx

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No problem that’s what we are here for… do u have covers or do u need those too?

I didn’t want be a bother, but I do need a cover.

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Both large and small??


Yay!!! I’m great at that wanna see an example? I have other members working on the splash…

I just need a picture of the characters you want on it in the outfit you want them in and doing the pose you want if possible… and than title of story and author name…

Oh and any specific background???

I want the title to be “Tell Me It’s Right” by K.H.

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With the bed background? Ok… and the 2 girls holding hands??


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