I cant get it to cut back to her

I have tried that, it got stuck to an area with only the lights visible

I have also tried that, but when I change the focus it also does that.

when you reset the zoom. Do you see them?
If not you are in wrong zone!
Set first the zone where the girls are and than zoom on them.


I set it to the zone she was in but it focused on the wrong place

and here we go again… sorry but we talk in “circles” I really have no idea how to explain it to you so you will understand me.

you must set the zoom new after you set the zone if you do it there is no way it would not zoom on the spot you need. Just delete the disfunctional zoom and make new one once you are in the right zone

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You cut to zone 3, but you made your character walk to a spot in zone 1 (which is technically in zone 2 because the x coordinate is over 320). Which zone are you trying to be at?

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Zone two?

Then you need to cut to zone 2 instead of 3

That worked!

Now, about the random zoom out when the scene starts…

Wait, no it didn’t work:

JANE (talk_repulsed)

What the…
@cut to zone 2
@zoom on 332 0 to 228% in 4
@pause for 5
@cut to zone 1
@zoom on 196 20 to 228%

JANE (talk_apathetic)

What’s the deal, never seen a dress before?
JANE (talk_think)
That dress would be perfect for the wedding.
if (married_solis) {

JANE (talk_happy_smile)

I’m sure Solis can cover the cost.
} elif (married_nix) {

JANE (talk_happy_smile)

I’m sure Nix can cover the cost.

@JANE walks to spot 0.470 287 195 in zone 1
@zoom on 499 67 to 369% in 0
@JANE spot 0.407 372 187 in zone 1 AND JANE moves to layer 6
@JANE walks to spot 0.335 475 234 in zone 1


You just need to play around with the zooms and make sure your characters match the zones you want them in.

You’re in zone 3? Make sure your characters are in zone 3.

If you can’t understand what they’re saying, go on YouTube and watch some tutorials on zones and zooms :woman_shrugging:t4:

all of them? also, I’m sure that may screw up the background overlay


I recommend look at tutorials that are something similar to this.

This personally helped me to understand.

I know how to places overlays, but i’m worried it might screw up the placing of everything and I don’t know what to do.

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Uh the only thing to do is get in the portal and test it out. You know exactly what to do. You’ve received tons of help already.

I think your overlays will be fine, it’s just a matter of finding the right coordinates and playing around with it.


Playing around with the zooms won’t mess up your overlay background. It’s only used to move the “camera” around the screen, it doesn’t move overlays or characters.

Also as already said, some of your characters and spots you have Jane walking to are technically not in zone 1. So when you had reset your zoom, you could only see the spotlights because as Farah said you were in the wrong zone. So if you’re in the wrong zone it’s harder to use the camera to focus on a character in a different zone so you have to cut to that zone to do it properly.

On the last bit of your script where you have Jane walking to the person behind the desk, that’s in zone 2 and therefore you need to then cut or pan to zone 2 to have the camera on her. But you currently have it left in zone 1 when you have her walk to zone 2.

I would suggest getting familiar with cutting to zones and spot directing characters while being cut in those zones you intend on having them stand in and then getting familiar with the camera tool. Cut to the correct zone they’re in and then use the camera.

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