I cant get my overlay to appear

I copied the scrip from the help page and it still didnt appear. I am also not getting any scrips error messages it is saying all is fine. I have zoomed out and nothing, I clicked on spot directing and change overlay and nothing appears. I already have an overlay in this scene and I tried putting them on the same spot so I could just see it and move it but it still doesnt appear.
This is the one that wont appear.
@overlay SHIPPING CONTAINERS shifts to 304 -29 in zone 1
@overlay SHIPPING CONTAINERS scales to 1.054 1.054
@overlay SHIPPING CONTAINERS opacity 1 in 0
However this one does appear.
@overlay SELFIE MALE 3 shifts to 304 -29 in zone 1
@overlay SELFIE MALE 3 scales to 1.054 1.054

How did you place the overlays into the scene?

Like this



@overlay EXAMPLE create
@overlay EXAMPLE opacity 1

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Oh my god I even did that with my other one, I am so dumb. Thank you, I wasnt looking right.

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