I can't get past the loading screen

When I open the app, it is up to date. It has the normal loading screen but after it loads it just has an error that says I need to update and say connection timed out…the only thing I did was not use it for about a month, and when I come back it’s all messed up. All the other forums of this seem to be deleted. Please help Me! I’m really stressed right now and I need my episodes…


Have you tried deleting the app and re downloading it?

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Yes, I can enter the app once, but when I close it out, its back to the same “connection timed out” error when I reopen it.

That’s no good! If everyone that is encountering this issue could be so kind to please let us know in a reply to this thread as well as submitting a request to our support team who is happy to help out! Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.

I’m having this problem too and I have tried delete the app and the reinstalling but it’s stillnot working xx

What I did (I have IPhone btw) was make sure the app was not open and then go to the app store and press open and the message went away

Mine wasn’t working for a week and I just did what you did and it now works thank you

I have just tried this and it still won’t load but thank you for the advice xx

Omg . I just uninstalled and reinstalled and Im still stuck on loading screen.

Anyone having this issue, as always, the best way to get issues resolved is by submitting a request to our support team. Thanks :peace_symbol:

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I have this all the time, but people, it is because of something on your phone, not the app. I have a VPN and sometimes I need to turn it of because this happens, then it works fine.

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: