I can't hear my music!

So, this is probably going be some stupid mistake at the end but it seems that after I fade out a music, I can’t heart the music or sounds in the next scenes.
Here is a screenshot:
Capture 5

Not trying to give any spoilers :wink:
But someone help :pray::pleading_face:



If you have added music in the scene before you can try to write ‘music off’ first, before you are able to add another music effect. If you haven’t or if it don’t help, I’m sorry, but that was the first thing what came to my mind.

I will try this, thank you!

I think is because you put music on and than didn’t put music off or fade out

I’ll try this!

I now can’t hear any music, let me see if she’ll help


try this

volume music 0 999
@pause for 1
volume music 100 1000

thank you, will try!

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