I can't hear the music of my story


Well, when I write my story and preview it on my pc, I can hear the music. Today I published my story but I can not hear the music. I am using music musicname and then music off


You preview it on your phone in the app. If you still can’t hear it there then your phone is probably on silent


Whats your story? Chapter your having an issue with?


Actually, I shared 3 chapters and I can’t hear any music in any of them. Its name is One House Two Mistakes.


Are you previewing it? or are you actually reading the story using tickets?


Is your episode app updated? could be that? I would leave a authors note in there tell your audience the issue. See if it works for them.


I am reading the story with tickets


Yeah it is updated. I asked my friend if she can hear but she hasn’t played yet so I don’t know if the problem is my phone


Go to your profile on your app in your phone and it should show your stories. Click on your story here so your not using tickets. If it’s showing there, it could just be lagging on your device.


It could either you are tapping to fast, maybe you used the wrong code or is that your phone is silent :sweat_smile:


Did you do something like this?

music music
music off


It is not showing there too :frowning:


I’m reading it right now. I’ll let you know if it shows on my end




Thank you so much!


Do you have a lot of zooms? Also when you put it in did you manually type or click the music on the right side?


You need to put some kind of pause like

music music
@pause for s
music off

I guess that should fix it :wink:


I don’t think I have TOO much zooms. Also I clicked the music on the right side


I think it may be your device. Sound is working on my end! Hope this helps!


Thank you!