I cant let them hug or kiss i have tried every possition changed there names and everything

Can someone help me please

thanks xxx


You need to spot direct them.

@SABINE is hug_rear and SABINE faces right AND NIELS is hug and NIELS faces left

yes i know spot directing but you cant do spot direction rear or not rear and if in the middle of a chene the persons change places that is bizar. xxx

No that did not work :sleepy:

show me the script now

You can. You spot them into place and on the next line make them but hug but Sabine face right and Niels face left like @Stargazer54 said. :slight_smile:

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the script is on the first line xxx

You wrote this

&SABINE is hug_rear AND NIELS faces left

do you mean to type in this?

&SABINE is hug_rear AND SABINE faces left

I have it done with a script i found and that works i only put him with spot direct a little closer to her but with that script the woman has to be left and the male has to be right but know i have an other problem i have shosen a background with loop and for her an animation with loop but she does not move…

You didn’t spot her in the screen, you just made her do an animation and that will just put the character in whichever screen, try typing this

&SABINE stands screen center
@SABINE starts walk_talk_phone_happy

then i get “starts walk_talk_phone_happy” is not a valid command x

it is ok it was @SABINE is walk_talk_phone_happy no she walks but the background stands still ho can that be it is a loop?

sorry you need to put the animation

starts walk_talk_phone

That gives errors no she is walking but the background does not move

&SABINE stands screen center
@SABINE is walk_talk_phone

    SABINE (walk_talk_phone)
Have you filmed it?

    SABINE (talk_happy_agree)
Ok, bye.

@SABINE is hangup_phone_angry
@SABINE is walk_trudge

@apes or @Dara.Amarie can you help please


I believe this background is not working for a long time

she does’t work at all not one minute.

That background doesn’t loop, it is static for some reason

i have take the mall loop and that is perfect but thanks that you make her walk too because i didn’t know that x