I can't log into Episode?!

I was trying to fix a dumb (I guess) script glitch. Basically, the script for my story wouldn’t update on my phone (but it works perfectly on my laptop), so I tried uninstalling Episode and logging back in to see if the script glitch was fixed. But for some reason, every time I try to log back in onto Episode, the app crashes! Is anyone else having this problem, and Episode, can you please fix it before I go insane? I’ve worked too hard to get this far into creating my story, and suddenly, my road bump is this?! What the heck?!

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Did you send them a ticket?

This would be my first time. How do I do it?

Pocket gems zendesk. There will be a link that you’ll see to submit a ticket and from there you can describe your issue.

Here’s the link:

If you don’t have your support ID, just fill it out with random stuff or smth else and you can mention that you don’t know/have your support ID in the description.

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Okay, I submitted a ticket. Hopefully they understand the issue and fix it.

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Hi, I tried login into my episode account with my google, but every time it was successful it keeps kicking me out and not login me in.

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You can send a support ticket to Episode and they’ll be able to track you account and send you a link to your account.