I can't log into my Episode Interactive account?


I’m having this weird thing going on. Whenever I try to log into my Episode Interactive account using my Facebook it’ll tell me if I want to log in using the previous account I used and I click okay and it just says “We were unable to get the email associated with your account. Please make sure one is set and try again.” Even though it is set??? I deactivated all other accounts that I don’t use that could be causing this problem, but its still going on! And when I try to log into the website using my email, it redirects me to my school email login website and I have to use the proper @ that my school uses, and not @gmail.com. I have no idea why this has been happening and I forgot how I bypassed this whole thing before, because I have done it. I can log in perfectly with my phone, but when I refresh the page it still takes me to the home page. I’m honestly stumped and I don’t have any other ideas. Can you help me out? Thank you.


your account save then lol




yur account didnt save


I can’t get it to save


Submit a ticket to admin and let @Sydney_H know you have submitted a ticket if you feel you haven’t gotten a response in the next few days etc.


@Sydney_H can’t do anything about the speed in which tickets are getting handled. Please review our topic discussing this for more info. Thanks!


Thank you for letting me know :slight_smile: she has already let me know and I said that I wouldn’t say it again, the reason why I said it was because I thought you needed a moderator for it, it turns out not, so apologies, Yay.



how did you disable your other ones?


Hi there i have been trying to log into my profile using google play and when i do so the screen goes black and then foreclosed and i now cant even log in at all. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it. Also has anyone had issues where the ads load but then does not show and then again black screen and forecloses :unamused:. This has seriously annoyed me. Thanks Leigha


Try to uninstal the app and then instal it again. The ads are always bugging at least to me. And with the account it helped me when I uninstaled the app and then instaled it again and if you tried already uninstaling the app then I’m sorry but I have no idea how to help you.


Hey guys! Please can someone tell me how the heck can I change the email in my episode acc? I’m logged on with Facebook but I have a new email on FB and it just doesn’t change at episode so the emails of approving my backgrounds are sent to the old email but the email doesn’t even really exist anymore. I don’t know what to do! Is it even possible too change the email?


Thank you so much for that i will try but when i do so i lose the progress of stories i have read and i can’t save i don’t know how


Don’t worry you won’t loose anything like this, it saves automatically. I uninstalled the app a multiple times and it always saved everything