I can't log into my EpsiodeInteractive account

Ok. I’m having a glitch on my account. I am log on my account right now, and on my phone; but when I go to edit my Episode stories on my computer, it automatically logs me into my other email account (that one has no stories); but every time I try to log out and log back in, it keeps logging me back into my other email account. So I can’t edit my stories.
Does anyone know how to fix it? Please, help me out. Thank you.

Try to sign off of your email account on internet, and log in only with the right email (the one which has stories).

I tried that; but it still keeps logging me back into my other email. It keeps ‘redirecting’ me there…

I don’t know how to help you then… Are you using google chrome?

I am; but I think it’s because I’ve been inactive for around a month.
Thank you for helping me with this.

With which email are you signed in on google? Because I know that if the right email for episode isn’t the principal one on google it doesn’t work.

Both emails are google emails.

And with which one have you first logged in with?

The right one; I’m log into my right email now and on my phone too -but on when I try to edit my stories, it automatically logs me into the other email with no stories.

I’m sorry then, I don’t know how to help you…

Thank you for trying to help me.

You need to completely clear your cache/history. Then you’ll be able to log into your other account :slightly_smiling_face:

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You mean clear internet history or restart/reboot computer? I don’t mind either

Internet history. (Click clear cache too)

There is a 30 day log in thing that means you automatically log into a certain account regardless of signing out.

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Sorry to hear you are having this issue. Neither clearing your internet history or restarting your pc is going to help. As @PerplexedJam pointed out, you need to clear your browser cache. And if it still doesn’t work please make sure you are using the Chrome browser.

If those don’t work then your best bet is to submit a request to our support team who can further help you with this.

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.

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It worked!!! Thank you!!!

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Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: