I can't login on my Mac



I have 2 of my own accounts. One I write on and the other is my sisters old account that she said I can check my stories work correctly. (I only use on my iPad) The third I share with my friend so we can write a story together. The account with my friend I log in with Facebook because I don’t use Facebook so it’s easier.

My account I write on, I login with Google but I logged out to work on the joint account. When I tried to log in using Google again I accidentally used my sisters Google account and now I can only login to my sisters old account and the joint account. :woman_facepalming: is there any way to fix this? I’d be very grateful if anyone can help me out.


Contact Episode Support team and they should be able to help you fix this!


Thank you. I was going to but thought I’d check here first :joy: