I can't login to forums!


When I try to login to my forum account through my phone it repeatedly says “You can’t login to Sushi_Lol with this IP address.” I had to click on forgot my password and change my password to login. Can someone tell me why it’s happening?


Ur phone doesn’t like U?


Lol no. It very much does.


It very much does not like u? Sorry not helping :rofl:


An IP address is like a Internet I.D. and if I had to guess, that IP is banned from the forums?


How will someone know if there IP Adress is banned or not?


But why would my IP address be banned? I didn’t even get any email or a message or anything.


That’s probably not a ban, since the system would send you an email if your account was silenced/suspended. :wink: Not sure why it’s saying IP address is banned. :thinking: You could submit a ticket for that.


Okay. Thanks!