I cant login transfer my episode to my iphone from my android

Bro every time I try to login with my google it says that my account is with a different a different platform

I don’t think you can switch on iphone to Android or Android to iPhone

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In December of ‘17 I had the same problem and sent in a support ticket and was told that iPhone to Android isn’t possible and vice versa. But if you have bought tickets/gems, they can recover and transfer that.

No solution.

I sent in a support ticket for the same issue and they helped me from ipad to android

Were they able to transfer your reading progress? Same thing happened to me and they were only able to transfer passes and gems :eyes:

no I don’t believe so It had been so long since I created my episode account on my ipad I didn’t really read anything on there because I’m not a fan of classic so wasn’t really on the app until I put it on my phone around this time last year I had problems logging in and they sorted it

Moved to Episode Fan Community since this doesn’t seem like a bug. I’d suggest submitting a
help ticket and asking the support team for assistance with any issues you might be having. :smiley:

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