I can't play old stories

Hi guys, I have a problem with playing older stories. When I try to play them, it just goes back to Home.
I emailed episode customer support and someone told me it happened because I removed the stories from favorites. And I don’t see how that’s the reason because to this day I still remove some, but I still can play those.
Did something like that happen to you? And can you help me find a solution?

Story example: Rockstar next door


Hello! :smiling_face:

It sometimes happens to me too. I’ve had this problem with newer stories (for example for some reason I couldn’t read “True Loves Spirit” by Frankii Cash for quite some time), but I was able to read them again eventually

I have couple of explanations that I give to myself but I’m not sure that any of these really take place:

  1. Authors edit their published chapters and now there are errors that they need to fix before anyone could read their stories
  2. Maybe there are no errors but just the fact that the author edited multiple published chapters and it messed up with smth on the portal
  3. Maybe it sometimes happened to me when I didn’t have enough storage on my phone, I’m not sure if it correlates but it might
  4. Maybe if you’re talking about stories that were published before some major updates took place the problem is that the script isn’t compatible with these new updates

I know that it doesn’t really help, but I think that maybe you’ll be able to read them again in the future even though I’m not sure how it actually works

Have a nice day! :two_hearts:


You could actually be right! I can’t really think of a reason myself, but there could be many small things that made the story crush.
And the fact that your reply makes more sense that the one from Episode Support :joy:

Thank you so much!!! :heart:


Did it work afterall??

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Thank you!

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