I cant post on mobile?


Hey! My name is Taylor and I am writing y first story on episode!! I have 4 episodes but it won’t let me publish! Please help me :slight_smile:


Do you have any errors? Or all you’d chapters 400+ lines?


No I did it in the app I don’t do coding its frustrating and Idk if I have 400 lines how do you check that?


You need to publish from the website



How do I get my story from my phone to mobile in code?!


You have an account, you have to go to this site, find your story on the list and publish from there (you can’t publish via mobile creation)


I can’t publish on mobile though thats what I am saying lol


and what list ru talking about


You will need to find you story on the list after logging in

Will be somewhere in “my stories”


tysmm It does help now I can do coding or mobile easier :smiley:


I don’t have 400 Lines thats why