I cant previeuw anymore, don't know what it is

Can someone help me?

Save the script, go to the main page, then go back to the story and try previewing it.

Jut reload the page.

Already did that.

And with the other chatpters it is the same thing.

It looks the computer isn’t super new! On my windows 7, I’m not able to preview it because my computer doesn’t have enough memory, and basic old computer problems, that are highly unlikely to fix.

Tis is an old but it has cost 5 years ago 1000 euro’s thats a lot of money x


You’re right.

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Mine wasn’t working on a windows 10 computer that was 3 years old.

Bought a new one about 3 months ago for £250 with 1TB of storage and the most updated version of windows and it works fine now. I would suggest using your phone/Tablet to preview it. I often do this as I find I can get better results with spot directing and overlay placement.

Did you tried logging out then logging in again?

i cant work on my iphone i don’t know ho it works.

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yes doesn’t help.