I cant preview my story in my phone


Helpp me quick i cant preview my story in my phone I tried everything


is ther an error in your script?


Well by the latest update of Episode app, your story won’t show up in your create shelf until it has three episodes with at least 400 lines. You can use your story’s share link to preview it in the app as a viewer only. Just share or copy paste the link anywhere in your phone and then tap it. Hope this helps…

My story won’t appear on mobile previewer?



I don’t want to publish it I want to do the zoom and spot you know that only work on the phone and i cant find the story in the create shelf and i just started the story


That’s what I am talking about dear. I didn’t talked about a published story . Until you finish writing 3 episodes and just save it (not publish it), it won’t be visible on phone app. I also faced this problem a few months ago then I filed a support ticket about it. There they cleared me about this through mail. That until I finish writing 3 chapters it won’t be visible on the app… Whether you publish it or not ( And you can’t publish a story without completing 3 chapters as well, ain’t it? )
hope that was helpful…


And if you need use the directing helper to get help in coding, just use the preview option at the right side of the browser window where you write your codes, it has directing helper options. Try using that until you finish saving 3 chapters.


maybe its a glitch on th app. send a ticket?


it’s not a glitch dear. :slight_smile: As I said, I did file a support ticket and they cleared me about it. But if sending a ticket helps. You can do that. It might help you clear things better bcz Episode buddies explains things pretty well :smile:


I’ve previewed stories in my app that are under 400 lines :thinking:


If you have created them before the update which contained this system… But as I said. Please file a support ticket to be more cleared. Cz I filed a support ticket, they responsed me and made me clear about it. I am saying from my previous encounter


Unfortunately I deleted that mail in which they they explained me… so I can’t show it… Sorry :frowning:


I guess i will finish 3 chapters than :confused: thanks for your helpp!!


You don’t have to have three episode you just have to have one episode with no errors nor still in review background/overlay so it may be a glitch or you need to log in in to your account (sometimes it logs me out for no reason so my story’s don’t show up)


You can just keep pressing enter until you reach 400 lines without needing to fill it with ''proper content" :slightly_smiling_face: