I can't preview the different branches/changes of my story

Hey, can someone help? I let the reader choose their body types, but when I preview it on the app it doesn’t work. I’m seeing the generic body even though I choose the athletic body type. It shouldn’t do that since I created different branches with different characters for each body type.

Another thing: I created a double for one of my character, but that double doesn’t have the same haircut, but when I preview it, it shows the same haircut as the original character.

Also, (yep, still not the last bug :sob:), one user of the forum tested one of the branches and for some reason, the CC of the character did not work on the next episode. But when I tried myself, it worked.

Does someone know how to fix this bc it’s REALLY annoying I can’t even be sure that my story does not have any error because I can’t see the changes in the mobile previewer. Btw, it works on the web previewer, but I can’t see if the CC works for the next episodes since it always previews the original character (I think).

I already tried restarting the app and the story, but nothing works.

PS: I can’t publish the story yet to see. if it works when it’s published because its for the Squad contest and I won’t be able to change the story afterwards…



Did you reset the story progress and start the CC testing from the beginning? If you update script or just go back to the first episode, the characters stay in whatever was last put in the script.

Yes, I tried but it didn’t work :weary:

It could be a glitch … I was having issues with animations not working for certain body types in LL.
Only thing is to double check all your code is correct as the script isn’t giving you any error code. But I would also send a ticket to episode (if there is time before contest closes) with the issue you’re having, author name and story url. You can do this easily through the app. Settings, help, contact us (top right) and send then send them a message. You have to keep checking the app for a reply though as it’s not via email unless you have notifications on.

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Yes, I did send them a ticket but they answered with an automatic message that had nothing to do with my issue :confused: I’ll try again. Thank you for your help tho :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Don’t worry ‘bout the body types if your template is from @Dara.Amarie. Only the author has this issue.

Choosing body type

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Yes, it is. But I still wish I could see if everything works fine :confused:

If you used gains for choosing the body types, make sure that you restart story progress or use the story modifiers to remove the gain. That might be why it’s showing you the wrong one.

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I did, but it doesn’t work :confused:

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I’m not sure why then :woman_shrugging:t2:

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