I can't publish?


Hey, guys. I’m writing on the Episode portal on my laptop, but when i press the “publish” button, it says that i need 400 plus lines throughout 1,2,3. I’ve added my line score up, and i’m way past 400 lines, but it still won’t publish? Idk what to do, because i really want to publish? TIA- Teigan. x


Are there any error in your script ?
Do you have more than 400 lines in your 3 chapters ?


Thats the weird thing. There are no errors. Yes, theres more than 400, and i’m just really confused.


You need 400 lines per episode. (If i’m not mistaken, the way you worded it seems like you have enough when you add all 3 episodes together)


Oh, really? Thats a lot of lines! Thank you for that! I thought it was 400 lines for them all?


Yep, it’s 400 per episode. I usually have 7,000 lines per episode so that seems small to me lol (my stories require a lot of branching). Glad I could help!


The Queen saved the day :muscle:t5:


Holy moly! I have 542 lines in all 3 eps. I was proud of myself, too lol. I’m guessing you can tell I’m a newbie author lol


Ikr! And 7k lines? woah!




I suppose I’d better get writing, then! Thank you!


We all start somewhere! You can still be proud of yourself :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re welcome!


Followed on ig! ( Well requested but shh) :slight_smile:


I have a problem with my overlays.
I added the zones and everything but wheb the scene starts, there’s a few seconds when everything is messed up then It’s back to normal.
No souls could help me with this one.
Do you accept the mission ?

I don’t want to be off topic too :thinking:


Lol the only way to have overlays appear correctly right when the scene starts is to add it to the line with the background name (INT. BACKGROUND - DAY with OVERLAY to # # # in zone # at layer #). Otherwise there’s always a slight delay.

If that’s how you’ve coded it, then I’m not quite sure why it doesn’t work correctly.


Gonna try it.
Thank you my Queen!


i have over 500 lines or more per episode


Thank you , but this has already been resolved! It is helpful, though :slight_smile: