I can't read the story

I’m an old user, i never have any problem before, i changed my device from ios to android, i have to create new profile because i can’t transfered my old data to my new device but it’s okay. But i got this buffering issue everytime i try to read the chapter, i already send email to episode support, they gave some points to do and i did that, at first it didn’t work at all but i tried to play it for two days and it turned good but i still experience the buffering sometimes and that was so disturbing because i had to wait for so long even it kicked me out said “Error Loading Episode”, and then they gave me second solution so i did that, but it getting worse, now i even can’t open the story i’m reading and of course the other story as well. Does anyone know about this? Please help me i start a bit frustated

Hey, does your android happen to be version 4.4 or lower? I remember Episode said this some time ago.

I’m not sure about this, sorry if I’m not much help. :sweat_smile:

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Hi thanks for your reply. I’m using android version 9.0 anyway, i don’t understand.