I can't save my story description!

Okay, I can save my story description. The only problem is that when I save changes, the last words disappear from my description.

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Summaries are only allowed to go up to 180 characters, so maybe that’s why…:sweat_smile:

You can support the feature here to make them longer: FEATURE: 360 character limit for summary

Nope, I used a character counter. It only had 143 characters.

And after I save it, it only has 134 characters.

I think there is a glitch going around in the writer portal. There were few others here on forums that have also experienced this :sweat: Try submitting a ticket :thinking:

Oh wow I just learned of this from you :rofl:

Thank you :sunglasses::heart:

P.S this must be an annoying glitch but hopefully it gets fixed :face_with_monocle::green_heart:

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The same thing is happening to me…lol

I had the same situation when I tried to update my description on the main screen, but if you change it on the pop up that appears when you want to update you shouldn’t have any issues! Or at least for me, that got rid of the problem.

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It’s a glitch but when I emailed support I got back the standard “Clear your cache and check your Wi-Fi connection!” email and didn’t bother responding lol.
It does seem to work fine if you change it on the pop up that appears.

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Same thing happened to me! It only lets me have 132 characters and cuts off the rest… :frowning:

What pop-up is it that you see? I’m using Chrome and I don’t know if that’s why, but I don’t see a pop-up come up when I go to save my description

This pop-up! It appears when you’re publishing/updating a story, and if you enter the description there it should be fine <3.


Thanks!! I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem!

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