I can't search stories or log in


I don’t really know if I worded this great so sorry in advance. I don’t know what else to do.

All I have for my app is the home, gems, tickets and settings.

I try to log into the app but it just constantly crashes that or it doesn’t show where on others I see a profile. I tried to log out, re-install and such I don’t know how to fill out the few things with the game ID since I can’t seem to find it that or I just don’t understand it…any help will be great.

Thank you.


@Celebi maybe you can reset the app or delete it and redownload the app. That’s my suggestion.
:kissing_heart: Tessie


I reset my phone even uninstalled deleted all the files from the app off my phone and reinstalled it.

Thank you though.


@Celebi it’s fine, I hope you find a way.
:kissing_heart: Tessie


Have you tried filing a support ticket? Maybe that could help :blue_heart:


I have but I don’t know what the game id is nor what type of phone I have i just know its some LG phone :s


To find your support ID:

Tap the 3 lines in the top left corner. A menu should come up on the left side of your app.

Tap the “Settings” tab at the bottom of the menu.

Scroll down on the settings tab until you find your support ID. (I covered mine up)

Type of Device:

I just put iPad mini and didn’t add the version or anything, so I guess you can just say “LG phone”. And if they don’t understand, they will email you back and tell you if it’s wrong. I know because I didn’t send the correct Support ID, and instead they told me how to get the correct one. So don’t worry :blush:

I hope this helps :blue_heart: