I can't see Classic characters while i am creating them


When i am creating the characters i can’t see them it just stays on the loading screen and nothing pops up. what’s going on? Is it a glitch?! @Cass @Trinady

Update it’s still like this. Is episode ever gonna fix it?
@Episode @Liz


It’s a glitch that a lot of other writers have had (including myself :persevere:) have had. I don’t know of any way to fix it


Yeah, it happened to me too. It sucks :frowning: I wish the Episode would hurry and fix it :confused:


Yeah i hope they do cause i want to write my new story


i wish they was a way that we could fix it


a way I have ‘fixed’ this is I’ll make my character, go to outfits where I can see it, and then make the necessary changes back in the character design menu


oh thats a good idea thank you for telling me


Also, this might be on only my account, but that method doesn’t work with male characters. With them, I got to the animation preview in the chapters and then I can see them


I have this problem too! :frowning:


I hope they can fix this @Cass


I’'m having the same problem! I thought it was just my computer…
Hopefully, it will be fixed soon :frowning_face:


I’ve been having the same issue, I thought it was just me! Also When I click on the type of hair that I want my characters to have it doesn’t let me choose it and same goes for the skin color. Does anyone else have the same problem??


I dont get that i can still choose skin color and hair but hope they fix that as well


I wish they can fix this cause i can’t do my story if they don’t